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Latter Rain Movement

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Unsound Doctrines

Sound doctrine is very important to God, in His Word He directs us to teach it, & hold fast unto it ( 2 John 1:9-11, Titus 2:7,  etc.). For that reason it should also be important to us & needs to be guarded and contended for. (Jude 3-4, Rom. 16:17-18). More often people depart from the truth (apostasy) because they did not have sound doctrine as their basis.

We as Christians follow the teachings of Jesus (sound doctrine) that are found in the bible, unsound doctrine is the teaching that contradicts or disagree with the Word of God.

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Dominion or Kingdom Now Theology

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Unsound Doctrines

When we put aside the Truth of the Bible in exchange for the uncertainty of feelings & emotions we are essentially leaving ‘faith in what God said’ over to what our easily deceitful hearts dictate, just like Adam & Eve did in the garden.

Dominion Theology is the believe, that it is Christians’ job to to take control or exercise dominion of the world,  imposing a ‘biblical’ rule. They said ‘Christ will not return, until the church had claimed dominion over ALL of the world’s governments and institutions‘. Meaning the 7 mountains or spheres: 1. Home, 2. Religion/Church, 3. Education, 4. Government (1) & military, 5. The media, 6. Arts, entertainment & sports, 7. Commerce, science, & technology. They say God gave us the mandate in Genesis.

Dominion theology (a.k.a. Christian Reconstructionism) was introduced in the Church by William Branham in the late 1940’s & became popular again in 1980’s through his followers (Latter Rain Movement). They changed the biblical advise from ‘looking up‘ (Luke 21:28) to ‘looking around’ to fix society. But in order to fix society a world government with new rules needs to be implemented, . . . isn’t this what the Antichrist will do?

See video of NAR “Apostle C. Peter Wagner teaching Dominionism

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