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When we put aside the Truth of the Bible in exchange for the uncertainty of feelings & emotions we are essentially leaving ‘faith in what God said’ over to what our easily deceitful hearts dictate, just like Adam & Eve did in the garden.

Dominion Theology is the believe, that it is Christians’ job to to take control or exercise dominion of the world,  imposing a ‘biblical’ rule. They said ‘Christ will not return, until the church had claimed dominion over ALL of the world’s governments and institutions‘, meaning the 7 mountains or spheres: 1. Home, 2. Religion/Church, 3. Education, 4. Government (1) & military, 5. The media, 6. Arts, entertainment & sports, 7. Commerce, science, & technology. They say God gave us the mandate in Genesis 1:28.

Dominion theology (a.k.a. Christian Reconstructionism) was introduced in the Church by William Branham in the late 1940’s & became popular again in 1980’s through his followers (Latter Rain Movement). They changed the biblical advise from ‘looking up‘ (Luke 21:28) to ‘looking around‘ to fix society. But in order to fix society a world government with new rules needs to be implemented, . . . isn’t this what the Antichrist will do?

See video of NAR “Apostle C. Peter Wagner teaching Dominionism

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