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From the Bible we know that:

1/ The son of perdition or antichrist is real, (Jn.17:12, 2 Thes.2:3, etc.)
2/ That there will be a change of system at a global level, (Rev.13:15-18), and . . .
3/ We also know that mystery ‘Babylon the greatwill fall, Rev.17 & 18. But it also mentions that the ‘daughter of Babylon’ will fall (Is.47, Jer.-50, 51etc.) because Babylon & daughter are used in an interspersed way, I think it’s considered the same thing, it’s a system (Empire), not necessarily just a single place.

The Roman Empire was also called ‘Babylon‘, and its capital = “Queen of cities”.
In writings of the early Christian Church this information is found. So the apostles apparently knew about this. See 1 Peter 5:13,
(Which means Apostle John when wrote book of Rev. knew also).

In Oct. 2001 I had a dream about a judgment/storm coming to the US. Then a year later, on Sept. 2002, I watched a tv. special about the 1st Anniv. of 9/11, w/Diane Sawyer about  the widows & orphans, (they also showed the statue or Lady Liberty), that day the Lord showed me Is.47:9 that the US is the daughter of Babylon, & NY is the ‘Queen of cities’, or Lady/queen of kingdoms Is.47:5 . Then years later during hurricane Kathrine in 2005, He gave me Jer.51:1-2, & few weeks later, hurricane Wilma hit us. So to me these & many other things later, were confirmation of a coming judgment.

I think the great confusion there is with Babylon, that a majority of Christians say it’s Rome, & lately a growing minority that say it’s America, is because they are both the same system, it is mother & daughter. One thing I am sure, is that ‘Babylon the great’ of Revelation, isn’t referring  to the old Babylon (Iraq) because that would not be a ‘mystery’ & Iraq has no economic power today, etc. Many are surprised that America isn’t found in Bible prophecy, but it is, only that with a diff. name.

The twin towers that fell were the “World Trade Center” Rev 18:11-13. It is known that there are more Gold traded in NY City in 1 day than in all the rest of the world combined! The same for Silver & Copper. When it talks about cattle and grains, Chicago & TX/US are the ones which holds that record. etc.

Interestingly enough, only 3 places in the world are independent of their own country, a landlocked independent city-state.

America was modeled after Rome, its sociopolitical system, but even main buildings. But before America, it was England. (Some say America still belongs to England).

Rome/Vatican is =Religious empire,

US/daughter=military/economic empire. (The new hammer of the earth, Jer.50:23)

England = British Empire. Some say is the economic power. I think it was, but maybe now only has the monarchy/crown. (God didn’t showed me England as daughter of Babylon but the US, yet some how they seem connected). These 3 represent the old system that should fall, to make way for the new system of the antichrist. There will be some parts left standing that will finally be burn when the antichrist is revealed. (Rev. 17:15-18 & 18).

-On 2022 the head of many years fell. Now the one crowned, it seems won’t last long.

-There are so many signs that this leader will fall soon & big changes will surely be made to this empire.

-Also many signs the leader of ‘the daughter of Babylon‘ will fall. When you see these heads falling it means Babylon is falling, but it won’t be instantly, it will be done in several steps & it will take a couple of years to be completed. There is still a role to be played. So it’s just the beginning of the (physical) fall of Babylon, (since moral & spiritual decline are already obvious).

Prov. 16:18 Pride goes before destruction,
    and a haughty spirit before a fall.

I believe we are living in the very last days, already entering the time of the 4 seals or 4 horses of the Book of Revelation. We need to be very close to the Lord to be able to bear the difficult times that are here & the exceedingly rough ahead of us. Things will be worse in the US (because it’s an empire falling), but things will also happen around the globe.

You can find next some information from different sources of what may come : Jeremy a Christian ex-mason, David a Jew, (see as David mentioned min.16:12).  Also Serge M., & others. The 3 of them mentioned the same group behind these plans. Their ‘Great Awakening‘ is darkness being revealed to us using traumatic events, so we may be initiated into their false light. This is their Masonic “Darkness toLight”. This deception is already at work. I know all of this will sound crazy or like a horror movie, but it’s mostly reality & people are not ready for what is coming.

These are not prophecies, but plans of the enemy that the Lord has exposed. The Lord has delayed their plans many times, we can expect some things to change at last minute, & also other things can be adverted with our prayers, but the Lord confirmed some of these things will happen, because of sin that abounds, which gives rights to the enemy to kill & destroy (because of continual unrepented sin God just removes His protection). I’ll try to summarize some main points.

  •  I think some of the next events may happen soon, in the time frame of what is left of 2023 & during 2024. I’m not sure of the order of events:

The sky is going red in some places, but it isn’t God’s sign. -Same day the sky became orange/red in NY, this was release. Update: here.

1/   David who mentioned about their plan for a virus, also said some Outages & big blackouts are planned (this is confirmation, it will be the beginning, things will get worse afterwards), they could say it’s because of the sun, or EMP attack, leftists, etc. They want these blackouts/darkness to be global. It will leave many people without electricity, gas pumps, traffic lights, stores, food, water, etc. (Make sure your cars batteries are protected now or have extra batteries & extra gas in a safe place, but mainly have enough provisions, food, water & med. for few months). – he also said good people would be round up during this time. Reason they don’t want people out to notice.

2/    According to what Jeremy was told, after accusations first to the son & then impeachment to him, the current leader will be no more & the lady will rise. -2023-. This would be the best time, to move out if possible or do as the Lord Has instructed you. There will be riots, fires, burning of some residential neighborhoods, etc. Coups will happen in several countries, they need militarize to control (All chaos planned to bring down the old & implement the new, they want it at global scale).

Due to the scandals, etc. the place of leadership will be given to the previous one, the left will resist. (Elections had been manipulated for a long time, in reality the people do not elect, they are selected by V. This time the ‘exposure’ of fraud is planned that way for a reason). At the end he will be confirmed by 3 diff. courts (I wonder if these has to do w/his indictments), but before he rises to power, bad things will occur.

He also mentions there will be an attack on US soil, (the Lord showed me this & also a Ch. invasion, see dream above. So this was confirmation).  And says attack will be on the East coast, NY & maybe another city, I think the other city could be Wash. DC. Even he said it was planned for 2020, I believe God delayed it & it could happen 2nd half of 2023. They plan for a projectile to fall in the sea, close to the coast, causing tsunamis on East coast, (Pray to the Lord this won’t happen or that He will warn a lot of people on time) & depending of what kind used it could ☢️ contaminate soil & drinking water sources. An EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) alarm will be issued. Make sure grounded or protected when turning phones off, find other ways to communicate.

– Have bags w/ documents, cash & essentials ready, as possible move to higher land, multi level garages at airports, etc. (Fl. is flat, please beware!). Check Sirius connection w/ No. 17, floods, Dog days, etc. Q=17th letter. They will do several things with this number & multiples of it, i.e 17x2=34, etc. (beware of Dog Days).

(Others also have warned about big quakes along the West Coast. The Lord confirmed this to me, He warned also of tsunamis & asked for prayers. The enemy is coming with everything he can, pray for US West Coast, Mexico, Central America, Chile).

Divisions will increase, the leader to be, will be attacked (fake), a short civil war will break, M. law will be implemented, it will be very difficult to get out at this time.

3/ Serge M. exposed in the 1990’s a project w/4 different steps to implement the new religion, the second step is the use of holographic images & religious images of fake Jesus among others, merging into one god , the antichrist, but also fake raptures (what some call ‘ascension’ or WWG1WGA project). Please do not believe them, see Matt. 24:23 -27. This event will cause a shaking to Christian’s & others believes, their main goal is to implement a one world religion (Kabbalah mysticism) connected with AI. -Read Rev.13:14-15– image of the beast. (Again, the order & some things may change, but we just need to be aware of their plans & pray against those plans).

The forth step (w/ 3 orientations) mentions a realistic fake UFO invasion (ver also BC & here ). I also heard they will attack 17 cities en US. (Due to the threat all countries will be militarized & give their authority to the UN, same as what happened during pandemic). It seems this invasion will be exposed & blamed on our corrupted Gov. And later will present the ‘good‘ aliens to help us, but all this is just more lies & deeper spiritual deception.

We need to seek God with fasting & prayer for direction.

  •  Important to understand, the antichrist won’t come as an obvious antagonist to Christianity. In order to deceive Christians & the world, he will masquerade as a servant of ‘light‘ & righteousness 2 Cor.11:15. He will disguise himself as the solution for PEACE, justice, etc. a fake hero. He will try to imitate Jesus Christ, who is the true Light & only Savior of the world.

4/ More banks will close, market crumbles, changes to digital ID & digital currency.  And probably on first half of 2024, during their next redemption season , they will take the opportunity to ‘rescue’ us, & introduce the new ‘Quantum Financial System‘. They say are against the CBDC but are offering a digital currency as well & few rainbow color bills as a bait, but plan to control our spending, food, etc. even more than the bad guys. I believe they also will give the mark (Kabbalah/Luciferian Initiation).

They already claim that have a tech. to read hearts, to choose who is good to receive & who is bad, to then be rejected & eliminated. Remember, no one can read the hearts of people, bring global peace or end evil, only God is able! (Jer.17:10 & 20:12, Ro.8:27, Rev. 2:23). Are we going to believe men or God? Their plan is to implement their new age of Aquarius, their golden era with their false new age christ.

This monetary system (Nesara) is also promoted by  occultists & more specifically the goals come through a spirit guide who calls himself St Germain, supposedly he is ascended master No.7 of the seven rays.  – A well known conservative political movement is being used to prepare people to accept the mark, they have been playing the good cop vs the bad cop, but both sides are the wings of the same bird, same mafia. (Check meaning of their motto & 1). People may say ‘they are against the shot so they most be good people‘, this is a tactic & this logic will get you falling for deception after deception. Beloved learn the Word of God & test the spirits (1 Jn 4:15).

-Some sincere ones part of this political movement, are just being deceived by their leaders & sadly they are deceiving many others, mixing truth w/lies.  Never trust men’s plan, (Jer.17:5-10) always put your trust in God alone! Prov.3:5-6.

In order not to lose money deposited in the banks, many people will accept their terms, those who do not accept and are already present at their ‘Redemption centers‘ will be taken away to a place. The Bible mentions what happens to them that reject the mark of the beast. Please prepare before hand. Sadly there are many that love money & believe in the wealth transfer deception. (True Christians don’t need to be redeem, we were already redeem through the blood of Christ, –Eph.1:7, Heb.9 & we only await redemption of our bodies [the rapture] to leave this earth, nothing else).

Individual appointments will be send to people’s phones (like an EBS) if people don’t go, they will go to their houses, it’s mandatory (there are many red flags for you to see). This will happen first in US & parts of EU. People will be without phone signal, no internet, no news, etc. So they won’t know or be able to warn others of what is really happening in those ‘redemption‘ centers, nor about the mark.  In those centers they have 9 stations to go through & they will give quantum phones, quantum lap tops, a membership- the mark, but also non disclosure agreements to be signed.

It will be shown through tv system, what the ‘bad’ guys did (most is true but they won’t tell you the whole picture), & that they have also judged & destroyed them (false), will say they are the ‘good’ guys, cleaning the world from evil & looking to rescue you, but it’s all a BIG lie, they are same team, just different players, it’s just a changing of the guard, a trap in order to eliminate us. Believers and those who do not accept their change to new monetary system/mark will be persecuted (5th seal).


The Lord will shorten those days, and it’s my believe that some time during the sixth seal He will rapture His church, those who really love Him, & are waiting for His return.

  • Something to consider that may help us as a warning to move out or to warn others, before the planned big events happens, could be this:

If any of the 3 heads (mentioned above) happen to fall, specially leader of daughter of Babylon, then it could help us to know that there would be very little time left, for those who want to get out, or want to go to higher land, would manage to do so. (I think they may use this date, see also Min.0:07). But what ever you decide to stay or to go, please get closer to God now, pray fervently & try to be prepared for what is coming. Beloved it’s critical that in these times you exercise spiritual discernment lest you fall.

If you think that what would happen to the leader of the daughter of Babylon could just be a coincidence, then the events will confirm this to you but it could be too late. But don’t despair, let us live fully for the Lord. He is coming soon & still Has plans for us, and remember always, Jesus is our refuge! Please pray for one another. I’m praying for all readers of this article, I would also appreciate very much your prayers beloved. Thank you, God bless you all!


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