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Many Catholics are outraged  for either the idol worship of Pachamama in the Vatican or the nude statue used to represent the Virgin Mary in the celebration of the Amazonian Synod, October 6-27, 2019 at the Vatican. For the first time in many centuries (I will say since Luther’s Reform) 100 priests & lay scholars signed a document to protested against this act & Pope Francis:

“We the undersigned Catholic clergy and lay scholars protest against and condemn the sacrilegious and superstitious acts committed by Pope Francis, the Successor of Peter, in connection with the recent Amazon Synod held in Rome.
These sacrilegious acts are the following:

On October 4, Pope Francis attended an act of idolatrous worship of the pagan goddess Pachamama.
He allowed this worship to take place in the Vatican Gardens, thus desecrating the vicinity of the graves of the martyrs and of the church of the Apostle Peter.
He participated in this act of idolatrous worship by blessing a wooden image of Pachamama.
On October 7, the idol of Pachamama was placed in front of the main altar at St. Peter’s and then carried in procession to the Synod Hall. Pope Francis said prayers in a ceremony involving this image and then joined in this procession.
When wooden images of this pagan deity were removed from the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, where they had been sacrilegiously placed, and thrown into the Tiber by Catholics outraged by this profanation of the church, Pope Francis, on October 25, apologized for their removal and another wooden image of Pachamama was returned to the church. Thus, a new profanation was initiated.
On October 27, in the closing Mass for the synod, he accepted a bowl used in the idolatrous worship of Pachamama and placed it on the altar. . .” Please see more here

The statue of Pachamama (2 of them) were first seen in Oct. 4, 2019 in a Tree Planting ceremony at the Vatican Gardens. Some Catholic news said the idols were probably the Virgin Mary & of St. Elizabeth, but Pope Francis recognized later it was Pachamama (mother earth) the Inca’s supreme fertility goddess worshiped mainly in Bolivia, Peru, Chile & Argentina.

Most of the images of Pachamama are portrayed as a naked pregnant woman, but sometimes she is depicted as a fierce Dragon that causes earthquakes, representing the Andes Mountains.

Ceremony at the Vatican Gardens

After the rituals in the gardens, the wood statue was brought inside the St. Peter’s Basilica (Some compared this with the ‘ abomination of desolation in the Temple’ from book of Daniel), & after that, the statue was displayed (Oct 21-26) in the Santa Maria in Transpontina Church (previous site of a Roman pyramid now a Carmelita (mystic) church), just down the street from St. Peter’s.  This church is assigned to a cardinal & the current cardinal in charge is the former Archbishop of Quebec, Marc Ouellet (& President of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America), who supports Opus Dei .   Later, a lay man at night or dawn took the statues (now we see 3 or more of them)  & threw them into the river, here is the video.   But it makes me wonder . . . why did he film himself doing this?  how did police found the statues? . . . is it possible that this could be staged in order to start the fulfillment of their 3rd  (ever changing) secret of Fatima given by Lucia, a Carmelita nun? . . just a thought.

Pope Francis after the Pachamama statues were found, stated: “Good afternoon, I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church at Traspontina, which were there without idolatrous intentions and were thrown into the Tiber.

“First of all, this happened in Rome and, as bishop of the diocese, I ask pardon of the people who were offended by this act. (Note: Not offended by the act of bringing the statues inside a church, but by the disposal of them in the river).

“Then, I can inform you that the statues which created so much media clamor were found in the Tiber. The statues are not damaged.

“The Commander of the Carabinieri [Italian police] wished to inform us of the retrieval before the news becomes public. At the moment the news is confidential, and the statues are being kept in the office of the Commander of the Italian Carabinieri.

“The leadership of the Carabinieri will be very happy to follow any indication given on the method of making the news public, and regarding the other initiatives desired in its regard — for example, the commander said, ‘the display of the statues at the closing Mass of the Synod.’ We’ll see.  

“I delegate the Secretary of State to respond to this. This is good news, thank you.” –   Pope Francis’ Words Announcing Pachamama Recovery

Pope Francis is not the first Pope doing something like this, syncretism isn’t new in the Catholic Church! (As some Opus Dei youtubers said is new). Syncretism  has been practiced by the Roman Church since it’s beginnings, please, don’t be deceived (do your research). You can read about the statue of Buddha that was brought over the Tabernacle in Assisi in 1986, or also when Hindu rituals were brought inside the Fatima Cathedral in 2004 for an ecumenical gathering.  But if some of they say this syncretism was only seen from 19th century up (or after Vatican II, 1962), then please see next pictures:

The priests of Dagon wore fish shaped hats. It is from this that the Catholics obtained the Mitre. This priest of Dagon  sprinkles water, just like the Catholics do in their rituals.” from Parablesblogs

Buddhist monk with prayers beads. Rosaries or prayer beads originated with the Hindu faith. around the 8th century BC in the cult of Shiva.


Catholic monks and monasteries (& the praying with hands in that position) were also borrowed from pagan religions.


Pope Francis is not the first mixing his beliefs with paganism, but what we see different today, especially after this synod, is that for many years nobody that was still a member of the Catholic Church or a group of priests went public to criticize & to sign a formal complain about their own Church. It’s norm for Catholics to give ‘obsequious silence’ to the errors of their “Mother Church”, it is required by their system (that’s is how many pedophiles & injustices have been  covered for so many years). But now many traditional Catholics are uniting against their new pope, some genuinely tired of the situation & some others (mostly from the Opus Dei) who have many followers, and are trying to portrait the Roman Catholic system as a good Church that was just a victim, which supposedly was infiltrated in the 19th century (but don’t forget the Jesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century & the new pope is a Jesuit!), these groups are even recognizing publicly that Pope John XXIII was a Freemason. (

Pope John Paul II being blessed/anointed in India. This is an act to ask for protection of Hindu deities. 1986

Pope Benedict XVI being ‘blessed’ by a witch doctor. Sydney, 2008

Pope Francis receiving blessing from a Shaman, tribal chief of Argentinian indigenous community Amaicha del Valle.











On 17 January 2015 in Chile, on the consecration of the new diocesan bishop of Arica, all the bishops assisting including the Apostolic Nuncio and the Cardinal archbishop of Santiago participated in Pachamama worship (doing libations).

Bishop Ivo Scapolo, the Apostolic Nuncio in Chile takes part in the worship of Pachamama. It has generally been accepted by Andeanists that the Catholic Virgin Mary is syncretized with indigenous Pachamama. See more here.











One of the rituals presented at ecumenical service, which included shamans of the Chumash Indian nation. Santa Ines Church, Solvang, California 2007.

According to ex-Catholic priest Matthew Fox (Now an Episcopalian):’ the Inquisition has been renewed & is in operation right now’, & he also says the Opus Dei is at the heart of it all.

It is important to note that Opus Dei founded by Jose María Escrivá,  is really a copy of the Jesuits, with ecclesiastic leaders but members mostly made of lay people (they are a hidden branch of the Jesuits), see more: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5). They both (Jesuits & Opus Dei) are mystics, both belief in corporal punishment to acquire holiness, both were founded by conversos Jews, both have same ecumenical goal of unity for Christians of all denominations with Vatican as the head, they both have worked together infiltrating Evangelical churches (even outwardly they pretend to be divided) & have the same ecumenical motto: “ That they may be One“. Opus Dei preach ‘holiness’ but this is according to Catholic traditions, trough mysticism (kabbalah). When you hear someone who is a Catholic that prays or listens mass in Latin – a dead language, (like Mel Gibson & many in our U.S. Media & Government), then it is almost sure that this individual belongs to the Opus Dei, but many keep secrecy of their membership, even more now after the Da Vince Code film.

The mother church of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), home of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus until the suppression of the order in 1773. The church served as model for innumerable Jesuit churches all over the world. Wikipedia.

Church Santa Maria in Traspontina, in Rome, were Pachamama idol was displayed, and whose cardinal in charge is Opus Dei supporter.

A Rabbi, who is a Cooperator of Opus Dei, said he wanted to demonstrate his special affection for the organization founded by Josemaría Escrivá. He stated: “Many of Josemaria Escriva’s concepts call to mind the Talmudic tradition and reveal his profound knowledge of the Jewish world, as well as his passionate love, as he openly repeated, for two Jews, Jesus and Mary,”   . . . “Opus Dei members helped me, right from the beginning of my seminary studies, to persevere in my vocation,” he said, “and I have also seen them do it with other rabbis, for which I am deeply grateful.” Rabbi Angel Kreiman,  made this remarks in an address to a congress in Rome on Opus Dei’s founder, in 2002 (But Rabbis don’t believe in Jesus, & to graduate they have to study Talmud & Kabbalah).

I have seen lately some Catholic authors (most of them are Opus Dei & Fatima promoters) spreading so much disinformation mixing true with lies, while supposedly are attacking the new leadership of their Church. Beloved please be very careful! the Roman Catholic Church is making changes & will convince many Christians that they are getting ‘clean from idolatry & are looking for holiness’, but this is not true, they will keep their main structure, their main doctrines, and even they might make changes in the papacy, still it’s only in the outside, but they will keep for example, their Eucharist & mysticism, their worship to virgin Mary, etc. that by the way she may even appear again, giving some solutions for unity. At the Fatima apparitions they say around 70,000 people got converted to Catholicism, we now count with more technology to make the deception even greater.

According to ex-Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera, they will use the ‘Virgin of Fatima’ to unite with Islam (since Muhammad’s daughter name was Fatima, & unite also with other religions. Rivera stated: “the Jesuits have their Virgin Mary scheduled to appear 4 or 5 times in China, Russia, and major appearance in the U.S.” See The Prophet, Alberto Rivera, 1988.

Fatima & Rosa Mystica are the virgins that appeared on the 13th. Then from October 13, 1990 to October 13, 1998, a housewife Nancy Fowler in Georgia, U.S. claimed to receive apparitions and messages from Mary that pertained specifically to the United States!? Some of the messages supposedly of the Virgin Mary in Georgia stated: “I want the world to know my appearances here are linked directly with Fatima. No other apparitions are linked more strongly with you than Fatima. The world will come to know in time.” January 15, 1991, Vol III # 665  ;Fire will fall from Heaven. Man will bring this about in this decade. Woe to this sinful generation. China, Russia and Korea will be involved in a major war. 1993, Vol III # 686, & the last apparition Oct, 13th, 1998 “My requests remains the same as in Portugal in 1917“. The visionary of Georgia died of cancer on Jan. 2012.

Next video from just one of the critics, a Catholic pro-life leader shows the Pachamama inside the Basilica, & he says that it feels like a False Church is being set up, I agree with him on that, but it is the new ‘One World Religion‘ that will persecute the true Church of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the Catholics & for many Evangelicals that are becoming part or uniting with the Vatican, that the Lord may show them the truth & the pure gospel of Jesus Christ as is presented only in His Word.


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