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Believe it or not I just found out last week, about the seal for the vax campaign made by our previous administration. I knew about the campaign but I didn’t know there was a seal for that. If you haven’t read ‘The Mark, Pt. 1′  please do, so you can understand better the importance of the cube & the relation it may have with the mark of the beast.

The Mark will be welcomed by most people, probably as a solution for some (fake) ‘problem’. Still, I don’t think these shots are the mark yet, since the mark will be placed either on the right hand or on the forehead & also people are being deceived thinking the shots are good medicine, how God is going to pour His wrath over them because of that? (Rev.14:11). But I do believe these shots are the beginning or an initial part that is putting together the tracking phase, they won’t be able to hide, & soon the digital I.D  will be implemented using that nano technology injected in humans, that will enable their connection with the image or AI. So I think when people accept to be connected to the AI, & be part of that new system willingly, then they will receive the Mark. (Probably even make a pledge of alliance to their new god. – See here).

In order to be the mark mentioned in the book of Revelation it has to be connected to a digital monetary system (like the digital ID, probably an embedded chip on wrist/hand or forehead) & the people will have to accept the (luciferian) trans humanist system, which says we all (believers & unbelievers) are ONE (1), and need to become one ‘global’ society or fascist new world, with new digital money, new economic system, new world religion, new laws, a global government, a collective mind, were the AI (Artificial Intelligence), the image of the beast, will make the laws & dictate the orders. The image could be something like this:

Or like these robots with AI,  (A.I human clones) the makers say these are 1st generation robots, but that they have already a 4th generation. The ‘false prophet‘ (Rev.13:11 & 19:20) will be involved in the order to make the image of the beast, according to Revelation: “14 He deceives those who dwell on the earth by the signs which he was granted to do in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by a sword and lived. “ Rev.13:11-4

But back to the seal, that cube image on the campaign’s seal is called ‘Antahkarana’ (anticorona?) & it is a Buddhist/Hindu symbol to open up the chakras, according to their teachings. The goal of opening the chakras is to awaken the Kundalini or serpent power, for illumination or opening of third eye – which is in reality, an initiation into witchcraft & a subsequent demonic infestation.

The antahkarana is a Sanskrit term. In Eastern philosophy it is the name given to the bridge that connects the lower mind with the higher mind (mind of the soul). Through it, an individual is able to realize the soul’s profound love and wisdom. In this way the antahkarana is a communication conduit. – W. Meader, teacher of the Esoteric (witchcraft/occult) Spiritual Philosophy.

In other words that cube represents the bridge (the nano technology in these injections) that will help to  connect people (lower mind) with their new god (higher mind), the AI or image of the antichrist.

I don’t believe there is a ‘god gene’ like some are saying, that help us believe in God, help us to communicate with Him, & that these new shots are an attempt to sever that connection. God is Almighty, all Powerful & nothing is impossible for Him, but also He told us in His Word, that there is ‘nothing than can separate us from the love of God in Christ‘ (Rom.8:31-39). Nothing except ourselves, as the sheep that wander away & get lost, or the prodigal son (free to choose) that leaves his father’s house, we can also get away & separate from God but even then He will still love us & look forward for our return to Him- (Notice it says ‘love’ (agape) it doesn’t say ‘salvation’ nor once saved always saved), but it’s a decision that we make in our mind & heart, we have a free will to choose, so be careful with what you accept or believe from others. The enemy can attack our minds & put doubt in our hearts, hence the importance of knowing God’s Word & be lead by His Spirit.

What this nano particles can do inside our bodies, apart from affecting people’s health & DNA, it also can connect people to the internet of things (through 5G) & their ultimate goal is to manipulate our emotions & thoughts, our free will, becoming their slaves.  Pls see: Chilean President -open transcript, copy & translate from 00:05-00:32-, UK president, 2013 Magnus Olsson on remote mind control & World Gov. Summit, Dubai, 2016– Remember that in 2015 all 193 countries members of the UN, signed in agreement the ‘Agenda 2030‘.

Next is a video with some information, their mirror page was already deleted, so pls watch before this one is deleted also (remember you can go to settings & put playback speed a little higher to listen in less time).

Because some of my brethren still believe Mr. T is a Christian, this video may offend some of them, but it is true that he himself said in his book, that  he studied kabbalah, (1) & kabbalah is very demonic. If you come out of something like that, & become a true Christian you will renounce that darkness publicly, or you will expose them, so others wont fall (see his believes as a Christian & about the Noahide Laws). But he stills befriends them & his right hand, daughter & spouse are in that cult. (more here). Also he declared himself ‘the father’ of the shots, putting the military in charge of their control & distribution, he also promoted them.  Update. & got his Booster .  -Both sides Rep. & Dem. are controlled by the same group of people to advance a predetermined agenda, so in order to get into that crucial position (Pres.) there has to be some agreements. If any of the already positioned ‘leader’ want to do their own thing or get out of any plan, then they will pay for their rebellion against the group that put him there. (But we, as Christians still we don’t hate them, we pray for them to come to God).

– Pray for all these brothers & sisters that expose the works of evil (Eph.5:11).  When you expose evil to warn others, sometimes you become a target,  pray for their protection (sadly most of the attacks come from the same people they are trying to help). Some may even say ‘we aren’t asking for help!‘, but still some of us believe is our duty to do so, because of our love for our Lord Jesus & our love for you. Some may think that we are wrong, or are attacking the wrong person. We are not attacking the person but are exposing wrong things according to the Word, so you wont be deceived & fall. But if you still think we are wrong, then just pray for us!

Always have into account that there is also a controlled opposition, & that some may be genuinely trying to help, but aren’t really Christians or they are believers that have been deceived, that will make you waste precious time &/or will take you down into the wrong path. We are in a spiritual battle, we need to pay attention who we listen to & surround ourselves with godly counsel (Psalm 1:1, Prov.1:7).

It’s better not to trust so easily to those that seem to be in the ‘truth camp’, pray & ask God for discernment, check their doctrine, who they network with, their logos ( example, if u don’t know what it means, go to Pt.1), the symbols they use, all of these says a lot of what they believe, and always do your own deeper research. (Some on the truth camp  can even tell you of things that are to come, but they just know because those are plans of their brotherhood, that they were allowed to share a few things as part of their cover, so don’t be deceive because so easily).


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