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Covid Vaccines & aborted babies,

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The Covid-19 vaccines are experimental. The vaccines received ‘Emergency use authorization’ but are NOT approved yet, until phase 3 trial ends & they do follow ups on 3,000 volunteers for 2 years. Moderna will finish phase 3 on Oct. 2022 & Pfizer on Jan. 2023. It normally takes 10-12 years to create safe and effective vaccines. Here we are rushing, using them already in humans without animal trials (Except Astrazeneca). So they are using humans as guinea pigs. (Sadly not the 1st time, also here).

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Misuse of 1 Timothy 2:12

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Misuse of Bible verses

When reading superficially & not deeply studying the Scriptures it’s easy to take them out of context. For this reason it’s necessary to better refrain from teaching the Word of God to  a group of people (this isn’t witnessing) or become Bible teachers without understanding the whole counsel of God first.

One of the main responsibility of Bible teachers, church leaders & any mature Christian is to protect the truth of the Gospel from false teachings. This includes the misuse of many bible verses by some denominations, but the abuse of misquoted Scriptures still continues until these days.

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Mystic Teresa of Avila, Pt.2

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Mysticism

She was 62 (1577) when wrote in less than 6 months, her book called ‘The Mansions‘ or ‘The Inner Castle‘ in obedience to an assignment given by her spiritual leaders. The first paragraph is her complaining about that. Later she saidd got the vision of a crystal globe with 7 mansions (& even more mansions) with God in the center.

The book is a guide to spiritual purification, describing the soul as a castle  with 7 mansions, on the path to a mystical union/marriage with the divine ‘Majesty’ in the center or innermost mansion. She wrote that by emptying oneself of all attachments to creatures, God then comes and fills the soul with Himself, but this is Catholic doctrine about sin & purgatory, CCC #1472. At the end of the journey the soul would reach Spiritual Marriage in the 7th Mansion, the souls is free from sin & have union with God.

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