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As we mentioned before, we started the year 2020 with ‘shaking’ not only with earthquakes or physical shaking but also in other areas including health. Right now we are seeing shaking in the Global economy & I believe we will soon experience religious shaking including a false revival which will include the Roman Catholic church. (We may possibly see also an alien ‘disclosure’ soon, etc. ). Most of the Christian church is blind, and all of this will cause the completion of the  great apostasy & the man of sin to be revealed.

Do not let anyone deceive you in any way. For that Day will not come unless a falling away (G646=Apostasy) comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of destruction” (2 Thess 2).

We will see more shaking in the health arena with another wave of the virus, contact tracing people & a vaccine done in record time. Shaking or big changes also coming in the Political (like war with Iran, a new U.N. of 70+ nations in Jerusalem) & in  Media/Information arenas. We all know that media control & censorship has been going on for a while but now it has intensified. The implementation of the system of the Antichrist has already started & it will be done in phases, so we can expect even more difficult times ahead of us. The Church needs to watch & pray (specially for the summer 2020).

We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in wickedness1 Jn.5:19  

Beloved now more than ever we need to get closer to the our Lord Jesus Christ & we also need to get our houses in order. The Lord is our only hope in difficult times not men.  Many in the Church are blinded because they are still putting their hope in a man (or a party) to save them or save their country from harm.  Please be prepared spiritually, our Lord is coming soon for His Church. Come Lord Jesus!

Continuation. . . World News Pt.2

NEWS – YEAR 2020



May 22- Coronavirus: Is Latin America the next epicentre?

May 17- Alan Dershowitz: “you have no right to refuse to be vaccinatedvideo. ” Why Bill Gate wants indemnity?  . . see here. -On April 13th, 2020: Bill Gates (who’s father is head of Planned Parenthood) admitted that 700.000 people will ‘suffer’ side effects from the vaccine.

May 16- 3 clues in coronavirus patients’ blood could help doctors predict their risk of death 10 days in advance, with 90% accuracy

May 14- Convalescent Plasma Is Safe to Treat Covid-19, National Study Shows. – Study: Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to COVID-19 mortality.

May 12- Dr. Anthony Fauci to warn of ‘needless suffering and death’ if US opens too early amid coronavirus pandemic. – ER residents want Americans to stop calling them heroes and start calling Congress: ‘It’d be nicer to see something more tangible’

May 10- Dr. Deborah Birx said ‘there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust’ in a White House coronavirus task force meeting

May 7- At least 85 kids across U.S. have developed rare, mysterious COVID-19-linked illness

May 6- Pennsylvania Researcher ‘On Verge Of Significant Findings’ On Coronavirus Shot Dead

May 5- Gilead in talks to expand global supply of COVID-19 drug remdesivir

May 3rd- Roche’s COVID-19 antibody test receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization and is available in markets accepting the CE mark

May 1st- Expert report predicts up to two more years of pandemic misery -They said government officials should stop telling people the pandemic could be ending and instead prepare citizens for a long haul.

May 1st- Coronavirus government response updates: FDA authorizes emergency use of remdesivir.   Moderna aims for a billion COVID-19 shots a year with Lonza manufacturing tie-up.



May 19- Millions of US farm animals to be culled by suffocation, drowning and shooting

May 17- Japan slips into recession, worst yet to come as pandemic wreaks havoc

May 15- Pandemic Hits Spending Hard; 79% Dive In Clothing Sales Leads A Record Plunge

May 6- The American meat shortage is pushing prices to unprecedented heights — here’s how it could affect your grocery bill

May 3- The Asian giant hornet, a.k.a. the Murder Hornet, has arrived. Bees beware. (video clip). See also here update.

May 2nd- Cops Arrest Elderly Man for Trying to Run His Compliant Business During Pandemic



May 20- Iran’s supreme leader releases anti-Israel ‘final solution’ poster

May 19- Florida’s Coronavirus Dashboard Architect: I Was Fired for Not Manipulating Data

May 17- Israel finally swears in government after 3 elections. – Unprecedented: Netanyahu to serve as prime minister for first 18 months before being replaced by Gantz for the next 18 months.

May 15- House passes $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan, faces pushback in Republican-led Senate

May 14- World War 3: Major conflict fears erupt after expert claims ‘US has China surrounded’

May 13- Kushner wouldn’t rule out delaying 2020 election

May 9- California becomes the first state to send all voters mail-in ballots for November election

May 8- Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts

May 4- Venezuela’s Maduro says 2 US ‘mercenaries’ were captured in failed raid attempt .

May 2nd- Kim Jong-un re-emerges after 20 days amid health rumours

May 1st/May Day- French Life Will Not Be Normal After May 11, Macron Says. -Remember he said he will govern like Jupiter. Also check video.



May 22- NPC: China moves to impose controversial Hong Kong security law.

May 19- ‘Power’ to ‘plunge a needle into your arm’: Dershowitz says forced vaccinations are constitutional

May 18- Man who called coronavirus ‘fake crisis’ gets infected, warns others

May 17- European leaders are blunt: A vaccine won’t come soon enough

May 15- Trump names team to develop coronavirus vaccine at ‘Warp Speed’Trump administration outlines audacious plan to deliver ‘hundreds of millions’ of Covid-19 vaccine doses by end of 2020

May 15- Trump says he’s mobilizing military to distribute potential coronavirus vaccine. See also here.

May 14- Dallas council approves purchase of temperature check kiosks, mobile COVID-19 testing

May 13- Experts believe Mexico’s coronavirus cases could be 17 times higher than official tally

May 12- Nearly one-third of Americans believe a coronavirus vaccine exists and is being withheld, survey finds.

May 12- Spain Implementing Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine for International Travelers

May 12- Man who took video of Ahmaud Arbery’s death is a ‘pawn in a larger game,’ his attorney says

May 11- US coronavirus death toll passes 80,000 as states move to phased reopening

May 5- Bright accuses HHS of hydroxychloroquine political pressure in formal complaint. Risks of heart complications.

May 5- Trump Says U.S. Must Reopen Even If More Americans Get Sick, Die

May 4-  Emmanuel Macron Leads Coronavirus Global Response Summit In Europe As They Raise $8 Billion In One Day Under Watchful Eye Of United Nations



May 14- Evangelical Leaders Seek To Insulate Churches From Some COVID-19 Lawsuits. –A priest rode around in the back of a pickup truck blessing people in Philadelphia

May 14- Ultra-conservative Catholic groups slam Pope Francis over inter-faith prayers. The multi-faith committee formed after the Pope’s historic visit to the Arabian Peninsula last year came up with the proposal.

May 13- Appealing to Mary to End Pandemic on Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Pope Francis Thanks God for ‘Holy Bishop of Rome’ St John Paul II.  See also here

May 3- Shock As It’s Revealed An Enzyme Called Luciferase Is What Makes Bill Gates Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccine Delivery System Work.


Weather, Earthquakes, etc.

May 22- –SpaceX launches 1st private cargo mission to the space station (w/cremated remains of more than 300 people!). Next week two NASA astronauts will ride a SpaceX Crew Dragon in the historic test flight.

May 20- Michigan floods: Evacuations after Edenville and Sanford dams breached

May 19- Tropical Storm Arthur now a post-tropical cyclone; will still send big waves to Florida

May 16- Tropical depression forms off the coast of Florida

May 15- Nevada highway damaged by largest area quake in 65 years



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